Anne Taylor

Phyllis and I opened Danceblast in 1998. Originally, it was called Bristol Rocktap, because we were opening up a tap dancing school, but by 11am on that first day, every child was asking how to moon walk like Michael Jackson so I instantly decided it was not going to be a tap school it was going to be a dance school, that also taught moon walking!

You have to remember at this point the internet was not invented and neither was Youtube, that first day, thanks to a press release that Steve (my husband) had written for the local press we had 60 students turn up, and we have now been going for 23 years.

When we first started I could teach ballet and modern, over the years I have had many students go on to study Dance at university and if my memory serves me right, Kirsty was the first to add contemporary to our dance styles! We have also had guest teachers come in who have taught street dance and hip hop. My teachers are amazing and they bring so much enthusiasm and energy to our classes, Danceblast is actually about giving children fun, confidence and the opportunity to be part of an amazing team, my enthusiasm for Danceblast has never waned, I love seeing the friendships made blossom over the years, even when students leave, they still stay in touch with the people they have met. Danceblast is all inclusive and it is something I am very proud of.

Jennifer Richards

My dancing journey started when I was a little girl, too young to attend tap classes with my older sister but already keen enough I would hold the teachers hand and copy along. After trying a few other schools I joined Danceblast in 1998 and was over the moon to become a student teacher in 2001. Obviously lots has happened since then, I’m in my 30’s married to Dan who sings in the band and we have two gorgeous girls who are both dancing with Danceblast. I’ve had the chance to take exams in Ballet and dance professionally but I have always known that my dancing home is with Danceblast. Dance has always given me so much happiness and at Danceblast we pride ourselves on having fun, making memories and sprinkling a touch of showbizz into the world.

Molly Horne

Hey everyone, I’m molly and I am 23 years old. I have been with Danceblast for over 15 years dancing and more than 7 years teaching. Coming to Danceblast was honestly the best decision I ever made. The confidence that has grown within me I wouldn’t be the person I am today without everyone here, we are one big family! Majority of my dance knowledge and technique was built from this dance school and the amazing teachers that led me along the way. Also, what makes this experience even better is teaching the next generation and passing on knowledge, wisdom, confidence and self awareness within them that they didn’t realise they had. The best and most dreamy job to ever exist.

Georgia Parker

Danceblast for me has become a second family, I started at the age of 3 and I can honestly say I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it wasn’t for Danceblast. To have developed my skills and technique as a dancer over the years and to then become a teacher was a dream come true- to be able to share the love for dance that I have, teaching different styles of dance and seeing the joy it brings the children is magical. It truly makes my day!

Sophie Clayton

I started at Danceblast when i was three years old following the footsteps of my brother and sister. Now at the age of 22, I’m a dance teacher and I still love it. Danceblast has taught me so much and given me so much confidence. From hiding under the table in my first lessons and now I am confident to take center stage. Danceblast really is my second family!

Molly Cummings

Every weekend is full of dance and laughter thanks to Danceblast! With a focus on creating strong friends, trying new things and dancing for fun, our amazing team of teachers work together to deliver the most exciting dance classes each week. Dancing and teaching at Danceblast have allowed me to not only develop my personal skills and confidence, but more importantly, I’ve been able to continue my love for dance whilst spending time with my best friends. I really couldn’t recommend a better dance family to join!


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