Dance Classes

At Danceblast, we offer dance classes of different styles ranging from contemporary and ballet to hip hop and jazz! Our classes are held every weekend. See our class schedule here!


Annual Dance Shows

Danceblast hosts annual dance shows which are usually held in Easter, where its line-up is written and choreographed by the principal, Anne, together with her passionate and talented teachers where parents, guardians, and friends of the students can attend to witness what they've learnt throughout the year! We also record the performances of the shows which are made available for purchase after the show.

Danceblast's Live Band

Part of the success of Danceblast's Annual Shows are down to having our very own live band who spends 6 months learning all of the songs for the shows. The live band has been going since 2002 under different names and different line-ups, consisting of Kirsty Williams, Dan Richards, Elana Parsons and Tracy Burt as the vocalists, Minkee Kim on keyboard, Steve Berry on guitar, Muddy on bass, and Tom Hobbs on drums.

Danceblast Teachers

Our fun-loving teachers are passionate about passing on their love of dance to every student. Learn more about our teachers here!

Danceblast Students

We are proud to say that Danceblast have built and inspired confidence and self-esteem in our students through dance since 1998. We believe it is very important for every student to feel valued and have fun at Danceblast.


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